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Since I really attacked my friends list for the second time this afternoon, I thought it important to post a disclaimer, which I had posted as a reply just a minute ago:

Hey! No, it's nothing personal, I promise! I think I took off half of my friends list the other day.. I haven't updated this thing in a very long time OR read my friends page in a very long time and I trimmed my list down to a few people that I know well and/or update their journals frequently, and/or post privately. I guess I am trying to minimize my internet presence somehow, like a few months ago when I went through the laborious task of making 95% of my entries private, as well as deleting my interests list. I am on the verge of abandoning livejournal completely and I guess this was a less-than-polite way of starting that process. I am sorry!

So again, I do apologize.

I have been well, by the way! I am graduating in December, moving out of here, hopefully never returning, and entering the real world (another reason for internet paranoia). I have been preparing to move by getting rid of as much excess in my life as possible (so much stuff!!)

Also, Livejournal has ads now? LAMMMMMEEEE.
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