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okay I said I was going to do this so I might as well even thog fkdd though I feel pretty okay right now but maybe I don't know and it woould come out crazy in the future of the big tomorrow when I'm like what I don't remember doing this at all, I lost an entire day and must back trace it thoorough the typos that I could correction but it makes it funnier to read when you are like 'ha aha ha ashley is fucked up'

My mouth is FULL OF GAUZZIIIIIIIIIESSSSSSSS and it hurts and I'm not sure if I am able to drink but I keep nodo kawatta nodo ga kawatta but I can't speak in any language and be understood I WANT WATER where are my ice packs???? I'm you should be thankful I'm in no mood to review this cd I got in the mail because it would be what????? no one would play. playplayplayplayfkdaksfdkdjd I don't really have anything interesting to say in my doped up manner other than water and I feel like a face puff ball i wrote some stuff down earlier to further this concept of not remembering but I'm pretty sure I'm going to remember how things are, and the stabby parts and the hey we're going to do this t urn your head to the right parts and the blue everything the blue and white colors of all medical facilities. I'msleepy should I spit I'm sleepy should I split? Spit blood.

I'm sorry that there is nothing significant to say AHH I AM DROOLING BLOOD ALL OVERRRRRRR no super special secrets to disclose of while I am high up high up or whatever fucking wisdom teeth fucking bloody mouth blue blankets warm sand void void void void void

I am told it is the time of rest and ice packs cold compressing face watching movies that I WON'T REMEMBER there's a lot of posts going on but fuck your mother that's how much I care. I AM DEHYDRATED.
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